Whole Skater Care.


We love figure skating, and we are passionate about partnering with skaters and their families to provide the best skating equipments for attaining their skating goals and achieving peak performances.

Boots: We offer exclusively Edea skates. All Edea skates are made in Italy since 2002. Edea, meaning “the idea", has continued to innovate the highest quality of figure (and roller!) skates with the ability of an instant, custom fit, through shaping.

Skaters of all levels can find success in Edea skates. There is an Edea skate right for every skater, from the Learn To Skate skaters who will find the Motivo and Overture Boots + Edea blades package affordable, to the skaters working on double jumps in the Chorus boots, and finally skaters who perform triples and quads or wanting extra support, the Concerto, Ice Fly, and Piano are excellent options.

The first Ice Dancer / Coach we have booted is Bo Chowder with the Flamenco Ice. For a skater who has decades of experience in ice dance, Bo instantly loves and recommends the Flamenco Ice. This is a strong testament that the Edea design is spot on.

Blades: We are able to bring in blades from all brands for Edea skates and traditional leather boots. We offer mounting (temporary and permanent) for all skates. We have the ability to transfer blades and fill in existing holes in the Edea sole if needed.

Shaping: Our skills for shaping boots: widening, narrowing, squaring the toe box and more come from training from Skates U.S., who is the exclusive authorized importer and distributor of Edea in the United Skates. Edea skates have a carbon fiber structure that responds with temperature. We have immerse success, when needed, to shape boots to our skaters’ feet. One of the goals for Edea skates is to let Edea and the skates tech focus on the skates, so that skaters can focus on their skills and programs.

Sharpening: We have experienced consequences of a sharpening error: when our daughter fell out of an illusion spin 3 days before her 2018 Heart of America competition, she had two hairline fractures on her collar bone. Aside from being on a sling for a month, she was to spend the entire summer months away from the ice, and had to withdraw from all of the summer competitions.

We did not know her blades were not squared, until we met the inventor of our sharpening machine, Sid Broadbent, who is the master mind behind The Incredible Edger. Sid was 96 years old when we met him and picked up one of his machines to be brought back to Kansas City. It is an honor we do not take lightly: to handle an Olympic level equipment and making it available to skaters in the heart of America.

We began our sharpening training with Elite Skates Tech, Bruce Hurd, from Living on the Edge. Bruce is a regular Team USA sharpener and has several Incredible Edger machines throughout the country. When Bruce looked at our daughter’s blades, he said they were so off, not squared, that he would not rule out the high/low edges on both blades was the cause of the hairline fractures. We were devastated. We had spent over $1,200 on her Ice Fly and Matrix Supreme blades, only to find out the strength of the equipments cannot be realized when the edges are uneven.

Bruce then took extra time and extra materials off the blades to square the edges, making the inside and outside edge to be equal.

The rest is history. We have sharpened everything from MK Professional, to Pattern 99 and Gold Seal blades. Our commitment to every skater is to not release any blades that are not squared. This is why we do not do group sharpening, limiting ourselves to a fixed number of minutes per skates, and not allowing time to correct previous errors and to spend extra time on more difficult blades such as Parabolics and Matrix blades.

Whole Skater Care: Our passion to care for the entire skater comes from the way we care for our own skater. We seek to provide the highest quality of boots and blades. In addition, we also care about lacing boots the correct way, taking a look at the insole whenever we sharpen, offering the Noene anti-shock undersoles to skaters working on double jumps and more, and making recommendations of skates care. It takes a community to raise and support a skater, and we are thrilled to be part of your journey.

Our Team: Both Alice and Damon Snyder are trained with Skates U.S. for fitting and shaping. Damon is our tech for mounting and sharpening. Our skater is 10 years old Alexis Snyder, who is starting her fourth season skating. Alexis trains under Wendy David and Sharon Brilliantine at Kansas City Ice Center. Prior to Kansas City, Alexis began skating at Oakland Ice operating by Sharks Ice, home of the 2019 US Ladies Champion Alysa Liu. In her time in Oakland, Alexis trained with Phillip DiGuglielmo and looks forward to lessons with Phillip whenever she returns to California to visit family and friends.

Photos Copyright: Equipment photos are copyrighted by CedarRae, a collaboration of Life Style Artist Jamie Lam, and Orange Turtle Photography’s Cindy Lowe.